Okay.. its official.

I now have a Honda Civic.

One with a bad clutch, possible head gasket issue, 20 year old engine, and some minor bodywork to be done.


That also means..

A parts car is ready for the picking, and that also means Project Touring Civic can commence. (GIDDY UP!)

The lowdown for what this parts car has:

  • Acura EL front clip
  • Honda CR-V Instrument cluster
  • Acura EL leather seats
  • Tein Coilovers
  • Honda D16Y8 engine, in case the Z6 cannot pass emissions

Does all this mean that I gave up on the honest little VW?


Nope, not at all.

Once they were best buddies, now they are stablemates. They’re so much alike, despite the million differences.


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