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Okay, NOW shut up about Harley-Davidson

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You see that? Look closely. All of that is factory, yours for 11,549. Meet the 2016 Harley-Davidson Roadster!


Seriously though. Mid-sets, 3.5 inches of rear travel, inverted forks and double brakes? That’s addressing everything the smartasses complain about besides the power, which-come on, it’s the same 1200cc Buell had in the Lightning/Firebolt, you can get 120+ horses pretty easy, but you don’t need it. Trust me, there’s torque aplenty.

Anyway, these are only baby steps. They’re feeling out the market, and this is a great second step after the Low Rider S. Also this is the sportiest a Sportster is going to get without serious frame redesigning, and one of a few Harley-Davidsons I could easily ride forever without changing much. I like the bobbed-out look Harley’s been rocking, too.


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