Okay Oppo, here's what's happening in the world of ze PorscheTamer

It's an automotive fuster-cluck. So have this 928 before I begin.

So here's what's happening:

My mother has been wanting that Volvo XC60 for years now, and I now realize that even though it's expensive and we cannot feasibly get it for her now as much as she wants it, I have decided to make a very tough decision; rather, my dad and I have come to this decision. This is what I'd like to call the "fleet rearrangement plan"


Now before I move on with this, I'm gonna get this out of the way. I'M BUYING THAT 944 STILL!

That's right, I'm still going to be stubborn as hell and buy this car, my dad and I have worked out that I can logically and financially afford it no problem with our "fleet rearrangement plan". So there's the obvious "of happenings" that I've been trying to hide that most of you probably knew already.(Damn you Vince and Brian :P)


(Just insert two more cars in that driveway and you see the problem)

Now with that out of the way, that would mean we'd have a FoST, 944, 911, Dodge Magnum, Ford Windstar that wouldn't be driven, and a Volvo XC60 at our house; but there's a problem: We can't have them all. So some cars will have to go. This is the tough part. So here's what I've decided to do for the "greater good" so that everyone can be somewhat happy.


My dad has decided to trade in his Magnum towards the XC60; necessitating him getting a new car; more on this later; he's also smart and doesn't want the van. Now that leaves the FoST, 944, 911, Windstar and XC60. This is still too many cars right now and that Windstar is next to go.


That Super Pinto has been with my family the longest(since '99) and it's been dying since at least 2010; it's time for it to go, so I plan to sell it for as good a price as it'll ever get. Like $500 and call it a day.

Now that leaves the FoST, 944, 911, XC60 and my dad who will need a car. We both agreed that the 911 and 944 will not be driven in the winter because logic. We also cannot share the FoST either, and it can't carry the things he needs for his work even with the back seats folded, and I'll need a car to take things back and forth from school, work and home; so you know where this is going....


Yep, I've decided it'd be best to sell Charlotte, and take the cash and possible depreciation hit, and payoff the loan for her and split the leftovers with my dad to get myself a winter beater as I mentioned in a previous post, and himself a new car. Yes, it's only been four months with the car, but I see this as an opportunity to try something different from my two-streak of blue hatchbacks and go on to what I know I want; and that's RWD two-door coupes! As sad as I'd be to see her go like my Astra, If it means I not only get to have a Porsche and a Mustang(still not sure yet) as a winter-beater, and my parents getting newer cars, then I say let's do it!


This leaves the final fleet setup as such.

K-Roll: Mustang as winter-beater and 944

Dad: New car(will be addressed in later post) and 911

Mom: Volvo XC60 T6

And I'm okay with this. VERY okay with this. So that's what's happening right now. Expect some subsequent posts about this and more later on this summer. Also, this might not be how the plan goes through, but this will be the end result with the cars, one way or another.

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