As with many people on here, my dream, and what I intend on seriously following through with, is automotive writing/journalism. Well I've been thinking, and I thought It would be good to do a breakout project, so I can sort of get my name out there and recognized in one fell swoop. My idea is to write a book. I have a very specific book idea, and I'm looking for feedback/thoughts/comments on it. Here goes: As I have made it clear on here, my paternal grandfather has probably influenced my interest in cars more than anyone else, and his favorite car he ever owned was a late '50s Triumph TR3, just like the one pictured. He daily drove it for years, braving the snow, the highways, carting around 4 kids, and even taking it up dirt trails to his hunting lodge, loaded down with guns, food, camping equipment, and an Irish Setter. He even found the time to hill climb race it. So, my plan for a book is to try to find out what he saw in the car, even when it was grossly impractical. I also want to re-connect with my family roots, and sort of explore the origins of my interest in cars. I want to buy a restored Triumph TR3, and daily drive that exclusively for 2 years. The book will be a sort of memoir of our ups and downs, and the relationship between man and machine. I'll also interview my grandfather, and intercut the books with stories of his cars and driving history, as well as talk to my dad about his utter devotion to his Saabs, and why he is completely obsessed. I will also talk to my uncle, who owned a legendary '70 Dodge Charger that was somewhat of a local legend back in the early '80s in the area. I want to make the book humorous, informative, and sincere, and ode to the american gear head, All told through my experiences with a small old british roadster. I'm still trying to figure out how to fund it, see if I should go to kickstarter or something similar to get the money needed for the car and nescissary equipment, such as snow tires, spare parts, and a hardtop with side curtains. I want your guys' thoughts and opinions, as well as feedback and if you would buy and read this book.