Okay, so today I and Mr. 4Muddyfeet checked out this Mercedes S-Class. Turns out that the ignition coils *might* be the only thing that’s keeping it from going back on the road. We left it running for a while, and while the misfire was as noticeable as you’d expect, it did warm up normally, did not overheat, the exhaust didn’t blow, and it seems to shift into reverse and drive just fine. Even all the electrics inside seemed to work, with the exception of the passenger seat headrest. HOWEVER, rust is definitely an issue here, and it’ll need a much closer examination to decide if it could be the deal breaker or not. I’m still not sure if this is a mistake or not.

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I do have a VIN now though, does anyone know a free website where I could decode it to find out more about it?

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