Okay, sports fans. We live in a world of $30k 1983 911SCs. 997s are just now crossing the $35k barrier. 993s are off in their own Hunter S. Thompson ether binge of a market. New Caymans and Boxsters are where 911 Turbo prices were 5 years ago.


I recently took a trip up to our local Porsche dealership since my girlfriend was looking at a Passat they had, and took every opportunity to turn right back into that obnoxious neighbor kid from Home Alone asking all kinds of questions because Porsche.

General consensus was that even the '09-'10 Caymans (even the 2.7s) are a mighty hot commodity, and correctly optioned, won't crack $35k for some time. Used Porsches are silly expensive, even now. Bummer.

However, in dark, hushed tones in a bar in Zuffenhausen, there is word of hope in the used market. The bastard of the litter: the 996 911. Unloved due to a headlight treatment that only a widebody could save, a minor engine issue that would cause them to go critical mass and generally drop everything they were previously doing just because, and following up the most beloved of modern 911s, the 993. But wait a minute: you can snag these fellows for under $20k on eBay all day and night. And not the convertibles that really slash the prices of the other generations, but the real deal coupes. That's right, a 911 coupe for under $20k. Play your cards right, and you're looking at a $17k out the door 911 coupe with a manual transmission.

Insurance, repairs, blah blah blah money is just an integer and will power is for AA meetings. So the question I pose to you lovely Opponauts: what number does the 996 make your spidey sense tingle? I was a little surprised that the 996 had taken such a magnificent hit over the years, but what number does the 996 enter your short list of "Next to Own". Here's a few to refresh your memory:


My lucky stars indeed, $22k for a C4S:


Here's one with a very late 90's Smashmouth, Christopher Lloyd doing 10-10-220 commercials, Starr report factory aero kit:


Granted - they may be the least loved of the 911s. But we're not talking about a Beetle-engined 912 going for $30k here - this is a 300-ish HP, N/A 911, with a manual gearbox, and that magnificent mechanical exhaust note. So: am I a terrible person for thinking this could be a viable option until the 911 bubble pops? And what Bill of Sale number does it for you?

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