Okay I keep hearing that cars in America are cheaper, so clue me in.

What’s needed when buying a new car and getting it legal on the road?

In the U.K. we have a RRP (recommended retail price) + VAT (value added tax @ 20%) = List price for the car and OTR (on the road) price.

OTR price is the list price of the car + delivery charge (£ varies) + some fuel in the tank +licence plates(however much it costs to print the licence plates, about £40) + road tax (depending on CO2 tax band) + first registration fee (typically £55).

Take my car £25,525 + metallic paint £555 + options £300 = List Price £26,380.

((though I got £5,000 taken off in discounts, purchase incentives and loyalty discount)).


So what is required to put a car on the road, U.S. style?

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