Rant Below

I think I really need a dashcam. In the last 36 hours I have had 3 white compact cars driven by old men pull out directly in front of me without even looking.

One guy in a Suzuki Swift leaving a Pachinko parlor was likely drunk and it wasn’t even noon.

The one who ran a stop sign at 40-50kph looked so old he probably didn’t care if it all ended. Didn’t really register what his car was. Must have been a Vitz/Aqua/Note/Fit/someotherclone.

I think the old guy leaving the mall tonight in the Note/Fit (it’s hard to tell from the side as you are slamming on the brakes to keep from t-boning it) was probably visiting from China. He was sort of amazing in retrospect.


He made a slow right from the mall’s ring road onto the two car length entrance/exit road, and proceeded to at the same slow pace pull out in front of me without once looking in my direction. And there were ZFG as my horn went off from two feet away from his window. The only way to not see my car was to be looking to his left the entire time.

I had a second to just mentally question how in the fuck (two year old in the car & a guest visiting so nothing out loud) he could pull out without even glancing for traffic from the right...then I saw it; the happy little heart sticker on the rear window.

The one the rental companies near the international airport have on the rear glass of every car they rent. (It says something about please excuse my mistakes I’m visiting from another country and don’t know the rules or which side of the road I should be on so I have an excuse for trying to fucking murder you, and this sticker proves it.)


And then he slowly accelerated to the next stoplight.

The worst part is that everyone here drives like they aren’t going to stop before entering the road, and then they stand on the brakes so the car jolts to a stop just before/at the line marking the edge of the lane. So I was beginning to relax a little bit about covering the brake since I encounter the same scene multiple times in a single outing.

I still check to see if the driver turns my direction so I know they know I exist... I started to brake when he wasn’t looking, but I still thought he would turn his head and slam on the brakes like everyone else does.


Thinking about this two hours after the fact makes me amazed at how much the human brain can process in a very short amount of time.

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