Oklahoma Adventure Trail East - Going to be a muddy mess

We leave for a 900 mile overland road trip tomorrow and the weather is not looking promising. A huge line of storms have been coming up from Texas for several days now and drenching eastern Oklahoma.

To recap, over New Years 2018 the usual crew headed out to western Oklahoma to do a 1200 mile(ish) overland road trip that was one half of the “Oklahoma Adventure Trail”. It was fun! And cold...


Later this week we are doing the eastern half.

On the bright side, this rain has come in sooner than was anticipated last week, which means most of the trip is getting drenched in advance of our arrival, rather than during the trip.


My guess is the net effect of this appears to be that it will have just rained everywhere we go.

I assume this means we’ll get to deal with mud, washout, and a fair amount of standing water. While this is sort of exciting, as it will make the trip much more exciting and challenging, it also means we’re going to be getting wet, muddy, and very stuck.


But I guess that is fun too?

We do have some hope in that a lot of Oklahoma has been in pretty deep drought recently, so some of the rain might be absorbed. Maybe?


We’ve also upgraded a lot of equipment, which should help. We now have better recovery gear including a kinetic rope, a winch damper, and MaxTrax. We’ve also upgraded the antennas on the radios, Baofeng UV-82L, to give us a longer range and better reliability. I’ve also got a center locking differential now.


So yeah... Any tips for off-roading in mud?

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