Apparently our last road trip was inspiring because George, of the 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trash Can, is going a little off-roading mental. The latest manifestation of this madness is our new road trip. That starts tomorrow.

I’ve been back in town for less than 24 hours, and need to leave in about 24.

Anyway, the three of us will be doing about half something called the “Oklahoma Adventure Trail,” a 1600 mile loop around Oklahoma that is approximately 70% overland/ offroad. I’ll be in my ailing Land Rover, George will be in his Fiat Jeep, and Taylor will either be taking his D21 from the first trip or his daily driver Xterra.


The Route

Full disclosure: George discovered, planned, mapped, and booked the whole thing and I’ve not really looked at... any of it. BS MODE: ACTIVATE

So the Oklahoma Adventure Trail, or OAT for short, is, as mentioned, a 1600ish mile route around Oklahoma hitting various historic and interesting sights. It was originally made for and by people wanting to complete the trail on motorcycles/ dirt bikes but all the roads should be navigable by car.


Our plan is to start in Tuner Falls, south of Oklahoma City, and drive clockwise about 800 or 900 miles, ending in Tulsa. We’re calling it OAT West. I made stickers.

Turner Falls, Davis, OK

Expected Problems

All three cars are slightly problematic, if I’m honest. The Disco, as previously noted, has two blown head gaskets and a leaking throttle body heater. Also is a Land Rover so....


The Jeep is, by far, the newest of the three, a 2016, and should be relatively problem free. That said, the 4WD relies heavily on the traction control, which went out the last time we went off-roading and he is currently running all season tires. So... fingers crossed.


Taylors two cars are both 2WD, which is a thing. The Xterra has been well cared for but certainly has some unknowns and a lot of miles. The D21 has a relatively unknown history and approximately 400,000 miles. Also it keeps losing clutch fluid... which is worrying.


On top of all that, we know the weather is going to be pretty nasty, with several days not getting above freezing at all, so that is going to suck a bit. Luckily there hasn’t been much rain recently, so we’re not expecting much trouble out of the river crossings....


On the bright side

Unlike the overland trip we took in California, we’re never going to be more than about an hour from a city and never more than about three hours from home, so the stakes are much lower.


Wish us luck!


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