Oklahoma Adventure Trail West - Over halfway!

Well... I’m sitting in my long johns in a motel in nowhere Oklahoma. We are about half done with the road trip! It has been awesome so far. We’ve seen parts of Oklahoma that I couldn’t have imagined existed, crossed a river, and had many many run-ins with deer. Also a lot of whiskey.


Day Zero was our commute from our respective home bases to Davis, Oklahoma.W well specifically just outside of Davis but whatever. There we rented a small cabin that was infested with ladybugs. We took today as an opportunity to give eacother stupid presents, but more on that later. (Pro tip, that is why my Rover has a wreath.)

We set off on Friday morning making a brief stop at Turner Falls to see the falls and the bizarre Castle there. Then we were on the road again swinging by the Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Narrows for some excellent hiking and then on to our overnight stop near Quartz Mountain.


Day 2 was the longest driving day of the trip. We started off relatively early from Quartz Mountain and didn’t really stop anywhere along the way. The views for pretty Epic and we’ve got to finally do a water crossing, although two of the ones that we wanted to want to do were not available.


We pulled into Seiling, Oklahoma, late and ate dinner at a surprisingly swanky gas station.

Now we’re off to the Salt Plains and then on to a winery and b&b to spend new years.


I’m happy to report that all three cars are doing just fine. The two wheel drive Xterra hasn’t put a toe out of line. The Land Rover is losing about a quart of coolant a day but is otherwise performing like a champ. The Renegade is also doing well, but that’s not terribly surprising. He was the first one to do the water crossing and he certainly made it look easy. Then again it was surprisingly easy so...

(Dictated but not read. Posted from the essentially unusable mobile website.)

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