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Doggie bump:

Besides local/city governments finally closing bars and restaurants, it seems some of the state is on board with the social distancing. Too bad it only took a few death threats ( which still isn’t cool) and bad name calling to force a decision from Broken Arrow and Owasso.


But some of the smaller, more rural areas probably aren’t gonna follow. For example, my HPDE is still scheduled to go forward Wednesday. There will be about 25 people total, drivers and workers, spread across Hallet Motor Circuit.

Theres plenty of space to practice “social distancing” and the tower will be closed along with the cafeteria. Which is understandable. Bring your own gear, food, water and keep your distance.


As far as how I feel, I don’t know. If there’s one activity you can do with very little human contact, a track would be it. Definitely don’t think there will be instructors this time.

Definitely sucks I won't get a chance to get a closer look at some of the cars, but better to keep distance. 

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