Lately I've been having some trouble getting my car boner up...anybody else have this problem?

Maybe I've grown old and become too much of a realist - but every time I get on craigslist to waste some time, I can't think of any cars I'd be interested in looking up. Trying to save money for a house and a wedding, want to get out of debt, so really can't/won't spend anything more than $20k when it's time to switch cars.

Here's what i usually end up searching:

- BMW E30 325i (I have one, just to see what else is out there and how much they're going for)

- 05 Subaru Legacy GT wagon (same reason as above)

- '14 Mazda3 hatch (would like one, but nothing on used market yet)

- Focus ST (would be fun, but i'm leaning towards something auto next since I'll keep the E30 and want something good for commute/roadtrips/the lady can drive)


- VW GTI (newish with DSG sounds like exactly what I need)

- Miata (it's always the answer! and a potential fun, cheap replacement for the E30)

- E46 ZHP (cheapish, funish, no M3 bank breaking costs, I can dream a little)

- BMW M Coupe (Z3) - the want is always strong with this one. Maybe if I find one, for one last hoorah before a sterilized DD


- Porsches (Caymans, early 997s, classics....all nice, but not realistic at the end of the day, and don't want the financial risk).

And that, ladies and gents, is all I've got. Here I am, sitting at work on a Friday afternoon, just waiting for the weekend with all of Criagslist in front of me, and I've got nothing to search.

What's on your radar/wish list?