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Old car musings


The best thing about the Sunchaser is how cheerful it is. All the way down to San Diego, all the way back, and through the rally, people honk, smile, point, and give thumbs up. It just seems to make people happy when they see it.

We took the TBird in for new whitewalls and a wheel alignment. My son was excited that the guy working on the car is the owner of a really cool Camaro we have seen at C&C several times. Camaro guy was apparently excited to see us roll in.

Will take photos of the new tires and the Camaro when we go pick it up. This is a good way to spend a quiet day off, but I will have to pay the piper later when we go buy a new oven. It is ok. I have a nice wife who navigates in a vintage car rally in the heat of July. She deserves the oven because she rules.

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