Since I’ve had the 96 I’ve had a To Do list of things that needed to be repaired. The thing is more problems keep showing up.

The big major project is to pull the engine and put new gaskets in because it leaks like the St. Francis Dam - and while doing that put new suspension bushings in and swap out the noisy transaxle for a quieter one. This I was planning to do during the winter months when it’s cool down here, and these problems are not particularly pressing yet so putting them off for another month or two is not a big deal.

In the meantime though one of the calipers has started to leak, and a CV joint has split, that wheel has also started making terrible graunching noises when reversing, but this may be unrelated. This is more annoying because these are issues that should be taken care of immediately, but will mean taking the front end apart which I wanted to avoid doing until I have the car ready for the bigger work mentioned above. I’d prefer to do it all at once when I have good access to everything.

Old cars! They don’t care about your schedule!