Custom Trex ramps boyeeeee! The only way to get a jack under it.

I just wrote a lengthy email to Detroit Speed (DSE). Apparently it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought it would be off the bat. Old cars never seem to be as ‘bolt on’ about mods as newer cars. From my email:

I have an issue with the power steering pump I purchased. I bought the long spacer kit as I wasn’t sure what water pump I have. I later confirmed I have a long water pump (7 1/4"). I have installed the power steering pump with the following issues.

  1. Long Spacer: This will space the pump out to the v-belt groove closest to the radiator. This is an issue as this is the same groove for the alternator as stock.
  2. Short Spacer: This spaces the pump between the 2nd and 3rd groove off the crank and water pump. I can adjust the pulley on the pump but to get it even with the second groove it only retains about 1/2 of the shaft depth inside the pulley. I am concerned about leaving it spaced that far out as it could either fly off or prematurely wear the pump with a load too far forward.

I am still under the assumption that you guys know what you’re doing. I however believe that something is wrong with the spacing if using a v-belt configuration. If I had serpentine belt, the long spacer kit would be dead on with the other accessories. I purchased washers and additional bolts today to find the proper spacing. I will have to have the long spacers cut down once I find the correct measurement.


Out with the old Saginaw pump and lines.
Go to HELL Saginaw pump! I made it bleed and it repaid the favor...

To make matters worse. I was removing the supply fitting off the pump to swap it to the AN fitting DSE also sells. I pulled hard enough to lose control after it broke free and snagged my left hand on a pinch hose clamp. I looked down to a jagged cut with fat coming out about an inch below my little finger on the palm side. It’s about an inch in length. Not too big, just enough to be OBNOXIOUS. I won’t disgust anyone with pictures. Needless to say it probably needs stitches but I’m going to see if I can avoid them this time.


Note: Length of pump shaft and spacing to the pulley.

I went to the store today and purchased washers and hex bolts to set the correct spacing. Once I find the proper spacing depth, I’ll cut down the long spacers to have something that looks the opposite of janky.

Before the madness


Except for the spacing issue, I have been impressed with the quality of parts DSE sells. It has mostly gone smoothly, putting the pump on and off, adjusting the pulley, etc. I have to cut the lines once I get the pump properly spaced. I’m convinced DSE knows what they’re doing but in the case of a v-belt set up... something might have been over looked.

Now that I’m nursing my hand back to shape, I don’t expect this project to get much done in the next week (along with going back to work). I need a vacation. Soon. Need to be back here...

Kona-Kailua, Hawaii (Big Island)