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Old Lexus Hybrids? Yay or Nay?

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So despite living most of it’s life at seaside and not being serviced for 40,000 miles, the MR2 passed its MOT with flying colours much to my surprise. Thus I feel like this is the best time to cash in since us Brits love convertibles whatever the weather. The question is what to replace it with?


My biggest gripe with the MR2 was the chronic lack of torque which made London driving a nightmare. So yeah a torque filled V6 with an electric motor seems appropriate while I save up for something more exciting. Problem is that due to diesel worship and badge snobbery they didn’t really catch on here let alone to the level they did stateside. As a result I can’t really get an opinion on whether or not they are trustworthy over 100k miles. Man if only I had access to a wide array of knowledgeable yanks who love a bit of Lexus...

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