Backstory: My wife’s 2013 Mazda CX-5 got rear ended and we have had a 2016 Buick LaCrosse as our rental for the past week while our CX-5 is getting repaired. The Lacrosse suffers from a few GM-esque oddities, but I have grown to like it anyway.

Today, we drove the Buick to my father-in-law’s cabin in Indiana (about an hour away) and went down a rutted gravel road and kind of through the woods to get to the house. I feel like an old man saying this but I love driving this car. It’s just so nice being in a quiet, smooth, comfortable (and big) car with a big ol’ engine. I fell asleep when we were going to the cabin today and my wife was driving, and I’m notorious for never being able to sleep while in a moving car.

It is so quiet on the road. You can’t hear anything. And the seats are wide and flat and fit my fat ass really well (unlike the narrow seats in my Mazda6). Not to mention the 300-something horses under the hood get this big car moving quickly. ‘Murica.

In essence, this would be an excellent road trip car and I totally see why old people like them. I’m 26 and I’d drive one, provided it was reliable. This car feels well built but has technical glitches like a wonky backup camera and iffy USB connectivity (first world problems, yes, but if my $40,000 land barge had those issues I’d be fuming). Then there’s the mysterious moan/whine from the rear end that is ever present. Good news is we are used to it now and hardly notice it.