Old Man Rant, What the Hell is Wrong With Music

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A Picture of my faithful steed parked across 3 parking places because BMW!

So earlier this week me and my trusty steed needed to make a 14 hour round trip, for a Job interview, now since I work from home I have turned off the satellite radio, so I had planned to rely on my trusty iPhone, however while digging through my storage closet for my wingtips, old stacks of computer manuals I had written and leather portfolio, I discovered my old car CD binder, and I said to myself, “Self, you’ve never used the CD player in this car, let’s have an old school road trip”


So prepared to go old school I load the first CD into my car and low and behold the Germans did make things to last and it fired right up despite never having run under my ownership.

Now that I’ve covered the meandering part of the old man rant, I’ll get to my point. I put in Operation:Mindcrime and ate up the miles, I put in The Wall and ate up more miles, I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t looking for my next fuel stop, I was enjoying the pleasure of the rock and roll concept album, rocketing down the interstate with time flying by.


Outside of American Idiot, I can’t think of a single concept album in the last 20 years, and that album is over 10 years old. Either the music industry has decided we have short attention spans, or have we just become impatient idiots?

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