I had one of the first digital cameras on my ship, a whopping 1 megapixel with an 8mb memory card! Came across this pic tonight and thought I'd share.

Anyway, during a gnarly storm off the Oregon coast while heading down to San Diego, I (wisely) took it outside. In my capacity as the search and rescue swimmer onboard the ship I really didn't think of what would happen if I went overboard, who would get me?


It was pretty stupid honestly, but I got this shot. That's a 50gal drum barrel full of misc Hazmat that broke free of the tie down chains getting tossed around on the fantail of a 563ft long Spruance Class Destroyer. Above that drum is a 14ft tall RAM (Rolling Airframe Missile) launcher.

About five seconds after I took this pic the entire fantail was under 2 feet of water and that barrel was gone.

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