Check out that Ami!

Since we are still going with the hometown pictures: I present to you a variety of random old pictures of my hometown Nistelrode in the Netherlands.

This former DAF garage still exists, and it is for sale, but it needs to stay for sale until I can afford to buy it and fill it with awesome cars.


This WOII military airfield/depot, later became a highway, tumour goes that is because the concrete was already there.

Further some random pictures I found and liked:


An Ami Break and a Beetle in front of the townhall!


This steam-tram used to connect a lot of small towns around here to bigger cities around the end of the 19th century until the 1930s. It was nicknamed the Good Murderer, because it was a very important utility to the people, but a lot of deadly accidents also occurred, probably due to people not being used to such a, relatively, fast moving tram.