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old racetrack yells at clouds oh wait no it doesnt coz its a fucking scorcher (the race)

f1 spoilers may turn up in the comments

HULK SMASH!... oh wait noooo dont!
HULK SMASH!... oh wait noooo dont!
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welp...its pretty damn hot again today... so im expecting both mercs to overheat and for bottas... but hey...a hulk win would be pretty sweet right?

(yeah i know....hes gonna get all the way till the last lap in first and then get hit by a fucking meteorite or something...the hulk curse dont fuck around)


hmmm...yes...i think im going with hulk 1 riciardo 2 and norris 3

that would be most entertaining

anyhoo lets race!

(hope my puter doesnt overheat before the race ends)

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