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Old Touareg vs. New Ram Rebel up steep, rocky trail. Only one survives.

TFL has been kind of hitting all the right buttons for me in how they do car reviews, in particular with anything off-roady.

You might be surprised at which vehicle breaks and which one makes it and has to play rescue.


Of course, some of you knowing what I own and my affinity for what TFL has already done with their Touareg, you could probably guess why I’m posting this video... I might feel like gloating just a smidge.

Kind of funny that this is the second video Roman has wanted to be a downer on the Touareg (the last one vs. a Wrangler he was a bit of a downer about it, even though both made it through the same trail, it just took a bit more work on the Touareg’s part). This time he even admits he wanted to say something about how superior the ladder frame, rear stick axle Ram is, but in the end, it’s the one that breaks and has to get bailed out by the unibody, 4 wheel independent suspension Touareg...


Ok, I’m officially gloating.

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