Found this guy on my local CL.

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Listing quoted for posterity:

This is 2.2L Inline 4 Chevrolet S-10 that I have owned for 4 years.
I have never been in an accident, all dents are from the previous owner. (Passenger door “door lock on this side does not work”, top of driver side quarter panel, small dent on side of bed)
Passed PA emissions testing, but not inspection. It needs a new muffler, new e-brake cable, and a cab bolt.
It also has an oil leak, which I believe to be the rear main seal leaking.
It is not necessary, but a new pair of front shocks wouldn’t hurt.
Other than that it runs and drives just fine.
I am willing to negotiate some. (In person only)
(Rear hitch not included)


Not bad for $850.

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