The end of November will mark the end of my time as a Camry driver. I will have around $550 per month stipend plus mileage as a car allowance moving forward.

Stipulations as follows:

Original MSRP must be greater than or equal to .9 x $25,000

Car must be 4 years old or newer.

Must be 4 doors.

Automatic (drive 500-600 miles per week)

High MPG's

My thought is that I should get a 2011-2012 Passat Diesel or Jetta Diesel. They are sub 20k now but were 25k + when new. I could even get a 2012 Ford Fusion for around 15K now since there is a wealth of them available in my area with around 30k miles.

The Passat/Jetta MPG's are staggering compared to the Fusion but the added cost of ownership kind of makes that a moot point, no?

Please advise. No trolls please.

I am open to other options. I already have a manual transmission toy that I drive for pleasure so this is solely a utilitarian expense; an appliance if you will.