So we completed our move to the new house on the 13th and we have been finishing remodeling of all three bathrooms and the kitchen, couple that mess with the relocation and all the boxes that end up in the garage and my poor car has been sitting outside for the past few weeks. Not to mention the few months on the other end when we packed the old garage up to allow us to stage our old house for sale. But the past few weeks we finally got some real winter weather so the ‘ol girl has been struggling after being relegated to the outside parking spots. And of course the Germans don’t believe in remote starters either, so it’s not been a great time in the morning.

But, on Sunday I was finally able to remedy all that!

I felt a bit bad for the my Wife’s minivan, but screw it, it has remote start and is 8 years newer than mine. With this latest cold snap, I’m so glad I was able to bring it indoors for the night. Makes a huge difference in the morning. Now I just need to clear out a little more space for Homegirl’s van, and we will be all set till spring.