It has been around 8 years since I last was in my origin country, the country I called home for about 25 years of my life. The Netherlands. Luck would have it that there was a classic car show in the town of Vianen when I was vacationing there. Plans were made and I attended the 29th edition of the “Oldtimerdag Vianen”

As usual I was a little late, so I did not get my usual stationary shots in. And then there was the fact it was plenty busy, lots of people! I saw so many cars that you usually don’t see. The most impressive were the racers from the begin 1900's. The oldest car that drove past my lens had to be over 100 years old. How crazy is that? There was at least two, one of them a 1914 Model T.

The AmericanLaFrance in the picture was vintage 1915, so 101 years old at this time! Sure, it had a little backfire but man... They are so cool and a total change of automotive scenery for me! And chain drive! Man and machine, completely analog and the true dinosaurs. I hope you enjoy this car show / drive-by compilation from the other side of the pond. I know I did! I wish I could go back next year and participate in a classic of my own!