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Oliver is Sick Again

You probably have noticed now that Volkswagen ownership is not the most convenient or the least stressing of ownerships. I have gotten used to these random issues that come and try to make the best of it since I really like my car. In the end, you have a machine filled with thousands of components that have to work in harmonious symphony to be considered "usefull". This isnt a Food-Blender or hair curlers, its a car. And as a proud owner, I will make everything possible to keep my car going.

It started a couple weeks ago when the Revs of the car bounced up and down around 100 RPMs. When I was going at whatever speed and I put the car in neutral to stop, the revs would go down and up constantly until I accelerated. This happened when I reversed and stopped, when I was fully stopped, pretty much EVERYTIME. And through the days, it just got worse and worse. My father and I decided to take it to a great shop in town, and they told us that it could be as easy as changing a valve that distributes the gas and air into the engine (I guess someone will know what this vale is and its name). Perfect, we said, but the car couldnt be fixed that thrusday afternoon since the shop was full. No problem, we would take it the next day in the morning. But that is just exactly what didnt happen.


I climbed into my car and started it up. As usual, the revs kept moving up and down. Then, as I accelerated, the car started bogging down and almost dying. I took my foot off the pedal and the revs rose. Then, they started bouncing again. I did the same, and the car always wanted to die when I touched the accelerator. This had happened to me once in the car already, only this time, I was much more pleased it had right in front of the mechanics, and not at the side of the road at night. I went into the offices and said to the employee: "Uhm. Can someone come see the car. It wont move. I think it will have to stay here." We went out with a mechanic and he was baffled at what the car made. Then, another mechanic came. Then another. Hell, ALL the workforce was startled at Oliver, and couldnt work out why it did what it did. I left with my father thinking we had got them entertained for the rest of the day.

We called the next day, and they told us that the starter engine had severe issues, and it would be replaced completley. We agreed on the decision, and they also told us that the fuel pump would be cleaned, included the valve that distributed gas/air. The car stayed in the shop for the weekend, and after seeing the epic football game I called. The Starter Engine was now replaced, and they would work the rest of the day and quite a while of tomorrow to clean the fuel pump. They said this took longer than expected since the car "Has issued out of the ordinary"

I just smilled, agreed, and hope for the best since I still love my car and want to see it going. Any suggestions, recommendations, knowledge, comment on the issue will be appreciated!

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