This was a kind of interesting way of my car to break down. I went today to my Girlfriends house to surprise her bringing spicy popcorn since she told me she had the crave at school. As I reached her house I noticed my car was revving at just like 700 RPM and instantly got nervous about it since I felt it was the imminent arriver of its death. It was.

But it conveniently happened at the door of my Girlfriends house, so I went inside and baked stuff and ate and had a great time. But what happened to my car crept up in the back of my head. When I left at 6 which is earlier than normal since the cartels are having random warfare around the city, burning business's, and all loads of crap I started the car and drove off.

It went to 10mph perfectly fine, then to 15mph. Second, 20 mph, 25, in my head I went: "It must have been a minor mis..." *car dies. "Scheisse". I steered the car with the same speed it has already achieved to the next left in front of a yellow house. This yellow house, was the same house the military had found bewildering amount of weapons, a craptoast of ammo, 4 cars used for past crimes, countless laptops and cellphones etc. It was previously used as a warehouse for drug dealers, and it was discovered some months ago and seized by the Mexican army.

There I was in front of that house without much to do than try and find a solution. I opened the hood, and tried to find anything out of order. I yahoo Answered my situation, but it was nil. The car could start fine, it idle steady and sweet, but if I just touched the accelerator it instantly turned off. By that time, I had already called my father and he was on his way, when the neighbourhood patrol arrived. "You cant be parked in front of this household" he told me. "Well, my car has broken down. I cant move it" He responded rather annoyed: "Well, you will have to move it or ill push it, but you cant stay here" I obliged, and used the hill to steer myself to another street and the guard left the site.

My girlfriend came for me then, and gave me some brownies that I couldn't take before because they were still on the oven. We chatted until my father arrived and we went to see Oliver. We went to see how the cars state was. Now, it didn't turn on at all. We left, and my father told me he would try and mend it with the mechanic. Sorry for the unnecessary length to say my car broke down, I appreciate if you read through it. Any suggestions on what might have happened will be thanked.