It wasn’t until 1994 that the Winter and Summer Olympics began to alternate on a two-year cycle. In 1976, the summer games were held in Montreal, Canada and the winter games took place in Innsbruck, Austria. These are the first Olympics I remember watching on TV (I was 10). I’ve always been a bigger fan of the winter games, and I was fascinated with Innsbruck.

The differences between these games 42 years ago and today’s games are fascinating, but there’s still a lot that’s the same. What is most noticeable is the role that technology has taken in the modern sports, and the level of physical conditioning in today’s athletes. I find it interesting that the speed skating was held outdoors, and it sure doesn’t look like the ski jumpers are going very far down the hill.

This film, in two parts, is a montage of both Montreal and Innsbruck. It has a major 1970s vibe, in the look, the editing, the music. While I certainly don’t remember any specific events, I do remember Nadia Comăneci and Dorothy Hamill. Hamill was a bit of a sensation, and her haircut from the games became a phenomenon.

Part 1

Part 2