In which I make a delicious omelette.

Items needed:

- 3 eggs

- meat of choice

- cheese of choice

- salt and pepper

Step 1: Preheat and oil pan.

I had the heat set between medium and low.


Step 2: Prepare Meat

I chose bacon ends. I first cutoff any huge chunks of fat.


Step 3: Fry meat

Step 4: While that cooks, scramble 3 eggs and add salt and pepper.


Step 5: When bacon is done pour eggs into pan.

Step 6: This is the delicate part to making an omelette. As eggs cook through, periodically work a spatula underneath omelette. Starting at the edges and slowly working towards the center as it cooks. This will prevent it from burning to pan and make it easier to fold. If you do this too early you will compromise the omelette's structural integrity.


Step 7: Add cheese of choice. I went with Havarti and Gouda.


Step 8: Carefully flip over one half.

Step 9: EAT!