I want front discs on a '63 Ford, because four-lugs on tiny drums suck. There is a disc kit for Mustangs at CJ Pony, but it's front + rear and expensive, so balls to that. There's a kit available on eBay for front conversion, so I emailed about what parts it uses - being able to replace stuff is good. "GM 91 cleberty" pads and rotors - okay. "rotors are custom made" - DANGER WILL ROBINSON... or is it? Maybe not, because some AMC brake kits use that caliper and a Ranger rotor. It looks like the Ranger rotor would fit - worst case, I'd have to shim the caliper when changing the rotor - I think. Bolt pattern is correct, center hole's correct, offset is high and should be quite close. Do I risk it?

Note: I am aware that there is no such thing as a '91 Celebrity. The caliper looks like one for a '90 - same difference, I'd think.