My accounting textbook is trying to brainwash us all into being basic normie drones!



Starbucks puts chemicals in their coffee that alter your brain chemistry that make you more naive so that you’re more susceptible to the blatant lies of the MSM!  

Because were did Starbucks start? Seattle Washington. What else is there? Microsoft, the number one publisher of software on the planet! They’ve been using the Space Needle to broadcast propaganda to subconsciously alter our minds so that we’ll all go to college to get liberal arts degrees and never be able to pay back the student loans! This way they get an unlimited labor supply that they can rule and oppress workers with like during the gilded age, but this time with student loans! Verrit is just their latest attempt to distort our reality to their sick and twisted one! The only way to get truth nowadays is through articles shared through Facebook, because Mark Zuckerberg excelled in Liberal Arts. But when he went to Harvard he discovered their vile plot he dropped out to create Facebook so that people would have a safe way of communicating free of the NWO’s propaganda and programming!