OMG I Cant Believe It, I Want This Car In My Home

Hello Ladies and Gents, Ive decided that what I need most in my life is the unreliability of an Alfa Romeo GTV.

To do this I need to sell my Peugeot 206 (parking restrictions, financial, etc). To help stand out Ive been humorous:

Why are humans put on Earth? What is the ultimate goal of life?

Many people have pondered this ponderful question, but the ultimate answer (or one of a few) is to have a family and carry on your genealogy.


To have a family you first need someone to awkwardly fool around/make sexy time with. This magnificent beast of automotive perfection will help you achieve this. It has been scientifically proven to titillate women and arouse men.

No matter how unconventional you look this car will cause people to throw themselves at you. (If they do the brakes work fine and you won’t run them over). For instance, I have it on good authority Gerard Depardididideu bought a car like this to start a family.

What is this stunning product you ask? It is a Peugeot 206 1.6 GLX.

Rest of listing is here:…


Please can you help spread the message. Thanks, Salman

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