We can use all of October to ensure that EVERYONE interested can get a spot, then we have a little over a month to find that perfect gift.

This time, however, I'd like to introduce a rule that everything MUST be received by the end of 2014. (unless there are special circumstances, in which case you should contact the person receiving your gift as well as the person in charge) This is due to the fact that I (and hopefully I was the only one) got cheated last time and never received my gift. Having too much faith in Oppo, I waited until the end of February to call it a loss, and by then nobody knew who my Senna was, so it was too late to make things right. So if anyone decides to be an asshole again, this time we can be prepared.

I'd also like to personally host a sort of "insurance" on it, this time. Everyone who participates can gift me up to $1 on Paypal, and then if any gifts do not arrive, I can reimburse the victims. It doesn't matter if you give me a full dollar or nothing at all; you'll still get full coverage. (assuming enough is collected to do so) This is just a generosity thing and not mandatory. (Also, unless there are any objections, I'll just keep anything left over up to $10 to help make up for last time. If there's even more than that, I'll reimburse the bigger donors first and work my way down until it's all used up.)

That said, I'm far too disorganized to host. So, anyone else who wants to handle it, feel free to take over!