By 9pm, it’s usually well into the 60s outside. Every once in a while (spring and fall usually), we get one of the dumb ass heat waves in the Bay Area that blows the desert air in instead of cool ocean air. I have a call at 7:30am and there’s no way I’m sleeping with the indoors being 82 degrees.

“But you live in California - doesn’t everyone have air conditioning?”

NO! The Bay Area is coastal. Jeans and hoodies became the symbol of tech because it’s usually not very warm.


To make matters better, there’s now a raging fire in Sonoma. The power was shut off there so there’s no way that PGE could have started it... oh wait... this is a company that literally can’t do anything correctly.

After shutting off power for more than 2 million Californians earlier this month, the state’s largest utility defended the controversial decision, saying the move prevented its equipment from sparking catastrophic wildfires.

But on Wednesday evening, hours after Pacific Gas & Electric shut off electricity once again, this time to 178,000 customers, one of the utility’s high-voltage transmission lines in the hills north of San Francisco malfunctioned, according to a report submitted to the California Public Utilities Commission.

Six minutes later, a fast-moving blaze fueled by powerful winds was reported in the area, forcing thousands of people in Sonoma County, including the entire town of Geyserville, to evacuate their homes in darkness.

PG&E said Thursday that while its distribution lines in the area were shut off as part of its second public safety power shutoff this month, high-voltage transmission lines in the area where the Kincade fire ignited Wednesday night were not.

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