Colleague at work had a little damage inflicted to his Ford Fiesta ST3 while in the car park.

No signs of how, why or who did it but he took his car to a local body repair shop for a quote.

(pictures taken last night at midnight)



Here on the driver’s side front wheel arch.

(this taken when I cleaned his and his father’s (blue Focus ST)


The body repair shop wanted £224 ($343) for dent removal and a respray of the whole front wing.

I gave it a five minute ‘tickle’ with a water based non diminishing polish and a trifoam pad, and:



The slight dent is still there but how could any bodyshop think it needed a respray when the paint was intact, neither chipped or cracked. I reckon they were just going to compound the wing and charge for the respray.

(FYI, a friend has quoted him for £60 ($91) for the dent removal).