Omologato Watch Review

Omologato produce motorsport inspired watches, working with either the brand or a race track to produce hand assembled timepieces.

What really struck me about the Laguna Seca was the 45 degree watch face. That’s because the only other watch that has a quarter turned face – that I am aware of – is the Vacheron Constantine 1921, at a rather cool £28,850.


The detailing is superb. Crisp white numbers and minute markers sit on a jet black face. The number 12 is in Laguna Seca blue, with the track logo sitting in the lower half of the face next to the date.

Overall I love the watch. It’s so different that it literally has no competition in this price range.

The price is something that nags at me a little though. Don’t get me wrong, the quality of the materials is really second to none, yes an anti-reflective coating on the glass would be nice, and some lume on the dial and hands wouldn’t go a miss…but the main issue for me is that it’s not mechanical.


I’d much prefer to have mechanical innards, even if they are a Chinese version of a Swiss movement.

Mechanical feels so much more alive, more of a machine. You have to wind it to give it life, it just goes with the whole Omologato Motorsport aesthetic.


I know it’s something they are working toward in the future, and I really hope they fully move across to mechanical movements, or offer a more affordable line of Quartz options along with higher end mechanical ones.


Full review can be found here on Carwitter.

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