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On a Bus, AMA

Headed to Boston for a Nathaniel Rateliff “solo” show (I guess it just means, not with The Night Sweats band). His latest album is all solo stuff and so, so good. Title track And It’s Still Alright is good, and has the most listens/hits/ whatever, but I think What a Drag is better. The last track on the album is Rush On, gives me chills still. I’m not even a huge Rateliff fan, I mean, I like his stuff but like, I’m no groupie. But this is a good album, and I can’t wait for the show.

I’m taking a bus to meet my wife, so we can take one car, so she can sleep on the way home. Gonna be a long night, but a good one.


Oh, did I mention I got front row seats by catching an early ticket release entirely by chance?

Check out the whole album, or don’t, if it’s not your thing.

Meanwhile I’ve got 30 more minutes to kill, AMA I guess.

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