On a scale of 1 to bankrupt, how bad of an idea would this be?

It’s no secret, I like the C63 AMG. Especailly the pre-facelift version. I know the facelifted one fixed the problem with the head studs and updated the interior, which were two glaring issues with the early W204 C63s, but I like the styling of these more.


This one has done 126k miles, but it’s also only $18k. I’m not thick, I know that it’s not going to be cheap to maintain, but then to do 18k miles per year, you do have to take care of it. These cars don’t really do well with neglect. However, with a purchase price that low, you could get this and then have money left over for those inevitable repairs. Maybe it’s a good thing I would be upside down if I traded my 328i, otherwise I might be seriously tempted; I don’t want to finance any negative equity. Might go look at it regardless. 

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