On a totally unrelated note...

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My ex girlfriend is all weird again and that's making me go crazy again. More inside. Have a Subie in it's natural habitat.


Yes, i started talking to my ex again. I wanted to give it another shot because two years of a really good relationship are too good to get wasted because of shit. And because i fell for her so bad that i might think she is as good as it gets for me.

We've done good for the past week or so. I asked her out today, she said she will text me if she will be able to make it.
She texts no. I called her later and she was somewhere out in the city, tho she didn't pick up. Her sister told me she isn't home.
So three missed calls and texts later, that's her usual cue for something is wrong.
I kept on calling every now and then, almost three hours and 6 phone calls later she got home. Thanks to viber thingy we exchange few messages and she says she isn't really well and that she needs to get some alone time. And that's the usual cue for my-whole-world-collapsed.


Okay, i told her the usual comforting stuff, you know, i'm here for you and i'm worried for you, talk to me as soon as you get better and that kind of stuff.
In the process she blames me for abusing her because of all the calls. Okay, i guess.

I don't know what the hell is going on with her, she acts so weird like never before, and she clearly isn't okay now. I have no idea why and i'm blaming myself for all the calls and concern.
I'm really nervous now. And still, after all the crap i love the shit out of her. Oh well.


In return for reading the insight of my life now, i give you the wallpaper size of the Subie above. Click here.
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