On a whim I decided to buy a game called Ring Fit Adventure

It’s for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s not your typical game. It’s an exercise game.

I had read many great reviews about the product - I say this because the game itself is simple, but the results seem to be genuine.


For context, I’m a sedentary male who loathes going to the gym - I’ve tried so many ways to make it fun but it always fails. I may stick with it for a few months, but eventually I give up because the gym sucks. I hate it. I’m jealous of those who actually enjoy it because they can live fitter (and potentially happier) lives.

This game combines something I hate - exercise - with something I love - video games. Points. Coins. XP.


I just tried it out for the first time, and what I’ve discovered is that I’m horribly unfit. I’m sure it’s the same for many people who are sedentary like me - I’ll exercise later, I’m too busy, etc. and your body slowly withers away but you don’t notice because it happens so gradually.

After 10 minutes I was already sweating - not quite like I used to after half an hour on the treadmill, but keep in mind this is a video game. I decided not to overexert myself today since I’ve made the mistake before of going too hard on Day 1 and basically being incapacitated for a week afterwards because my muscles told me to fuck off.


It’s actually kind of fun and for the first time in years (probably since high school gym class) I had fun exercising. Plus, I don’t have to leave the house so I can do it butt naked if I wanted to (I did not... this time...) so it’s really convenient.

If you’re interested, I’d recommend checking out reviews on Youtube.

It’s by no means a replacement for the gym, but if it means a half hour of exercise versus no exercise, I think it’s a good deal. Plus, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than a gym membership.

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