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On Asking the Wrong Questions

I finally finished up assembling all the used OEM parts to rebuild my G35's exhaust, which was like trying to assemble Voltron in my basement since exhaust components aren’t sold at wreckers in most of the northeast. No one seems to know why. So your choices are 1) wait for someone else to sell a 16 year old muffler in the northeast (yeah, right) 2) spend $100 to ship a $60 CARB-compliant used one from 3000 miles away in California, or 3) buy a crappy aftermarket that dents if you as much as lay it on a towel on the shop couch in the garage. I went with option 2.

Anyways, I’ve been pretty happy with how much I’ve spent on a project that’s already taken a year’s worth of aggravation and will probably fail in 18 months anyways. I finally ordered the gaskets today too, which of course was its own headache, since everyone only sells cheap die-punched paper and composite gaskets even though OEM is bonded metal. Seriously, no one else even makes them. Everyone on the VQ forums complains about blowing through aftermarket gaskets, and the typical response seems to be “maybe try using... two paper gaskets” like that’ll fix it.


So I’m just about ready to go to the infamous Queens Iron Triangle and decide to double-triple-quadruple check something, since someone somewhere suggested that coupe Y-pipes don’t fit the sedans. That’s what I bought, and I’m nothing but fastidious - to a fault. And, sure enough, I did in fact ask the seller and confirm the G35 coupe Y-pipe fits on sedans.

I did not ask if a RWD Y-pipe fits on an AWD sedan.

I eagerly look forward to completing this project during the second Cortez administration.

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