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On Cadillac and the future of GM luxury

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WiscoProud’s post on wanting a new Land Rover coincides with my noticing this morning that my neighbor (who also has the red Guilia) got rid of her old LR for a new Caddy SUV. It made me think. People are bitching and moaning about how Cadillac is in serious crisis and won’t make it off life support if it doesn’t come up with better cars than the CT4 and CT5, blah, blah...


...But I see something a tad bit different in my home market. I see lots of new Caddy SUVs/CUVs driving around. The reviews I read describe them as good enough cars, but not class leaders and as blatant attempts at finding a cash cow to bolster up the brand—what deNysschen was roundly criticized for not doing. These are attainable luxury that will bring in the profits from the mid-upper to upper income families that live all around me. And they will be good cars made from decent parts backed by a large dealer and service network. They will keep Cadillac afloat so that it can make the next Escala or Ciel that we hope will get to production before we die.

Which is not to say that if you want a LR, you shouldn’t get one. Just that I’m thinking enough LR or Rav4 or Explorer owners will trade into these to keep the brand funded. I see that as a good thing.

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