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On cams and engine rebuilds

So finally having the scratch to do this, but not really, am I screwing myself?

For those less familiar: rebuilding my olds 403. No, its not the best engine. Yes, I’m keeping it. I have to ask though, this engine has a really poor smog cam in it. Low compression has little to do with the abysmal power curve. I’m not looking for peak performance here. The engine is basically stock. My thought is to put in something basic like this:


Thats like the stock cam but... more. Nothing crazy, no magnum nonsense. A cam thats good enough and won’t cause problems. Im sure the machine shop can steer me straight on this. Except one thing. The extra $$


The cam? Not expensive. I should already replace lifters and such, but this is talking about adjustable valvetrain and all kinds of nonsense.

How much extra am I commiting to here? Should I just quit whining? The more I think about it the less I want to keep the stock cam, but I have no idea if I can afford it.

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