Probably going to punch this out to a full SoM post soon, but just a few notes about the whole idea of "character" and "personality" in cars pertinent to the GT-R review.

Thing about that car is that it has all kinds of very present and clear and distinct character, all tied into the observations (and some of the half-truths) that have been passed around.

Particularly regarding the handling, which in spite of that unearthly driveline is what really defined the car when I drove it. Really only one way to describe how that car handles: aloof control. Start going down a twisty road and it says to you, "Look, just pay attention to how fast you want to go and what direction we're going and keep us out of the ditch and I'll take care of the rest." And it does, and it does so with a stunning sort of innate ability. It's not a video game - there's definitely a lot more going on with your inner ear and the rest to dispel that notion - but instead of the kind of eagerness and delicacy you dream about from something like a Lotus Elan or a 911 Carrera RS it just listens to what you want to do and translates it into pure over-the-road thrust.

It's not disconnected; far from it. It just manages a lot of it for you. It does really belong on a track where all that grip and all that torque management can really go to work.

You still get a sense of its considerable mass. I don't think anyone would ever call it "nimble." But that's part of its character too.


It is a fascinating machine.