My in-laws were astounded when I took the time and effort to repair our refrigerator the last time they were here. My mother in law is known for using brute force when things don’t quite fit, so when she overstuffed the freezer, she slammed the door to get it closed. This bent the housing for the fan, causing it to hit the side, creating an awful racket. I had to take everything apart to make the repair.

Six months later, they decided to give us all new appliances for Christmas. Here’s the problem. Since they didn’t measure anything, I have no idea whether any of it will fit. To make matters worse, the stove is gas. While we do have gas in the house, there isn’t a line in the kitchen. Now I have to call a plumber to get a new gas line run which means I need to clear out the attic space where the line is located. This is NOT what I had planned for my vacation!

This is how we ended up with a car I didn’t want and my wife doesn’t like. They pressured her into taking on a car payment by going car shopping, having the salesman drive it to our house, then “helping” with a down payment (which we already had in the bank).

The new appliances arrive Monday, so I have to take more unplanned vacation so someone is here while they install everything. I also have to clear up a space to store the old appliances until we donate them or sell them.

It’s hard to look a gift horse in the mouth, but when it tries to bite you when you turn around, you have to wonder if it’s worth it.