Sometimes I’ll go to a coffee shop or somewhere to get a few things done because I do my best work when I switch up my environment, park my car right in front where I can see it if the spot is open and then find myself staring at it and avoiding the temptation to just go drive instead of actually doing what I meant to be doing. Really, if I’m completely honest with myself half the reason I like switching my environment up so much is the opportunity to take a little drive in between tasks. For me at least, that’s what car enthusiasm is really about. Of course I would rather be out on a lovely back road or participating in a specifically car-focused event, whatever that may be, but even if I don’t have time for anything hobby-related, driving is usually a necessary part of my day. I like the way my BMW sounds, even though it’s just the 1.8 it makes a nice little grumble out of its Remus catback. I like the way it smells inside, that 90s-German-Car melty crayon aroma many of you are probably familiar with. Most importantly, I like the way it feels on the road, even if I’m just driving about in traffic. Even if I’m in my second-gen 4Runner, lacking the nice inputs and sound of the BMW(and using quite a lot more fuel), piloting a big, old body-on-frame vehicle down the road is an occasion that can be enjoyed. Car enthusiasm, if done right, turns another mundane daily task into a joy.

Also on distractions, I just burned another 20 minutes making an Oppo post :,(. Finally, I’m the first to admit that the E36 Compact has some pretty awkward lines but compared with the bulbous crossovers crowding modern day parking lots, such as the Lexus RX behind it, it looks refreshingly simple and pretty damn good if you compare their silhouettes.