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On Dogs - Update: news & photos

Recently I posted about my dog who is older and slowing down, her name is Casey. She’s actually the dog my family got when I was 14, so she’s really my parents. This, is an 9 week old labradoodle and may indeed be, my first dog. Today, I confirmed we’d be bringing home this Labradoodle. She’s 9 weeks old and will be coming on March 31st. We hope to name her Targa.

The lighting was all kinds of bad, and several puppies had attached their teeth to various parts of my clothing, so my photos are not great other than the first.


I will still visit Casey as much as I can. I hope that Casey will accept our new puppy when they meet.


Lastly, there seems to be a lot of heartbreak on here when it comes to dogs recently. Everyone should know, I’m always here if they need anything. Dog related or otherwise.

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