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On Engines, and Whining (not from the engine)

Getting the engine ready to start up.

Heat wrapped the drivers side header, apparantly to prevent the starter motor cables from melting, hence the less than total coverage. this stuff is made out of fiberglass I guess, and as a consequence it’s a major health hazard.


Took me (and my dad occasionally) 5 hours to get both of the headers on. For those of you who say old cars have a ton of room to work in, I have nothing else to say but fuck you. For anyone else doing this, do the passenger side first.

had to remove and reattach the damn motor mounts, and I still don’t have the thing bolted in a whole day later. the engine weighs too much and I can’t push it myself because 1. the crane isn’t big enough 2. I can’t get it close enough to the engine because I left the front in place 3. clearance of the headers, the ac box, the firewall, and the crossmember are so damn tight that maneuvering this thing is impossible.


Restoring cars is awful. Restoring cars when you don’t have a covered area (where you can leave thing sit and not have to clean every single time you do anything) is awful. Not doing the entire car at once so everything is dissasembled is awful. This is awful. I don’t want to do this anymore. This engine better start and run flawlessly.

I finally found a job that will hopefully give me the “experience” I need. I won’t be making hardly any more money. I think the stress of not being able to support myself (regardless of the fact that my parents are ready and willing to help) makes working on this really hard, it just doesn’t seem important to me anymore. I hope that changes when I get everything sorted, as this hobby was my main motivating drive before.

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